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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the modern way of reaching out to new customers as well as encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business from current and previous customers. Here at Think Creative, we create custom themed graphics which are eye-catching, interactive and mobile friendly. Our products are targeted to your specific demographic needs, be it geographic location, customer income, customer surname, brand specific and B2B or B2C.

Mass Blast

Mass blasts are custom created emails designed to reach potential customers in larger targeted areas. We offer up to 300k in-market emails per Mass Blast and offer ad tracking with ROI results.

TB Inbox

TB Inbox emails are custom created emails that are targeted to reach smaller but more specific data sets of in-market buyers. TB Inbox works well in tandem with your direct mail advertising to provide your business increased visibility through both Print and Digital media.

Email Append

Missing emails? We have you covered! Our custom email append process allows us to append your clients physical address with an email address or vice-versa so never can a customer be missed with your Print or Digital advertising campaigns.

IP Targeted Web Banners

Custom designed and data targeted Web Banners that offer more than what big box web banner products do, directly target to your specific lists of individuals. Our IP targeted Web Banners consist of up to 3 unique banners sent to your custom data list with your exact message or offer.

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