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Do a Year End Assessment of Your Online Presence

The end of the year is a great time for any business but especially small businesses to do a year end assessment and clean up their online presence. This gives your business a chance to fix any outstanding problems and start the New Year off fresh. We have written a lot about assessing your online presence in the past, but would like to provide you with a review as the year draws to a close so that you can check out any areas that need to be worked on and fix them up now!

Include Your Website in Your Year End Assessment


Your website is your online home and is of prime importance. It’s definitely the place to begin making needed corrections. You want your website to be the best it can be because while not every customer uses social media almost everyone DOES use the internet. So it is essential to have a great website. In order to make sure everything is operational on your website, you’ll want to have a mobile device handy.

Check how quickly your website loads on both desktop and mobile. A website that loads quickly is much more attractive to customers than one that takes time. There’s a strong chance they will give up on a site that takes too long to load (too long possibly being 3 seconds!) This is a problem that probably doesn’t have a quick fix, but make a note of it as something to take care of soon as you can.

Check to make sure essential information is accurate. Directions, address, contact information, hours of operation, services provided and anything else that would matter to someone seeking you out on the web. Remove any outdated coupons and update information.

Check your links. Some of your links may be outdated. Make sure everything works because nothing is more frustrating to a customer than broken links! Double check the links paired with your social media icons. There’s a chance you changed an account and you want to make sure that the link is still operational.

 Your Social Media Accounts in Your Year End Assessment

Social Accounts

Next on the to-do list are your social media accounts. You will want to visit each one. If you find that aren’t using a site and have no plans to return to it in the near future, you may wish to consider temporarily deactivating it.


Make sure your bio is filled out and you’ve included a link to your business. If your business is local, make sure that’s also displayed. You want people to be able to find you and it’s important to remember that social media sites also function as search engines.

Make sure your images are the correct size. You want people to be impressed by your profile and not turned off because it’s ugly. An image that is too small will look stretched out and blurry. If something doesn’t look right, make plans to fix it as quickly as possible.

Remove anything out of date like holiday emojis or avatars. If you were promoting a special event with your header image that will also need to be removed and updated.

Check your notifications and respond to anything outstanding. For good measure, post an update while you’re checking things out!


Look over your business information. Make sure everything is accurate. There’s a fair bit of information in the About section and you’ll want it all to be complete and accurate.

Make sure your images are all properly sized. Sometimes Facebook changes the image sizes or perhaps you didn’t properly size them the first time. Incorrectly sized images reflect badly overall. Additionally, if you’ve updated a logo now is a good time to update your profile picture.

Again, make sure you’ve responded to any engagement. Like comments. Respond to questions. And update for good measure!


Pop onto your LinkedIn company page to make sure all the of the data is accurate. If your company has seen growth and downsized you may find yourself in a different category than before.

Check your images to make sure everything looks great on both desktop and mobile.

Post an update or end of year greeting. While it’s less important to update a company LinkedIn page regularly, making sure it’s periodically updated is a good idea.


Make sure your bio is filled out. If you aren’t currently promoting a specific page on your website make sure the link in your bio is pointing to your general website.

For good measure, make sure you have liked all recent comments and responded to any as appropriate. Maybe even follow a fan of your company for fun.

Include Online Reviews in Your Year End Assessment

Online Reputation

Yes, your website and social media play a huge role in your online reputation, but there’s more! Your online reviews are an essential part of your online reputation and should be included in your year end assessement.

Make sure you’re registered on the major sites. Yelp, Trip Advisor, DealerRater, Google My Business, etc. This is the absolute first place to start. It can take a little while depending on the site so you want to start here.

If you have already registered on these sites, take the time to look over your business information. Hours of operation, address, website url and contact information all need to be accurate.

Finally, make sure that you’ve responded to all of the recent reviews whether they are positive or negative. Responding publicly sends the message that you are paying attention to what is being said about you online and it’s a way to thank those customers who take the time to do so. Yes, even if they leave a negative review as a negative review presents a valuable learning opportunity for your business.

We hope this list gives you a great head start on what needs to be attended to for your online presence. You might also consider checking how your business listings are working.

As always, we would be pleased to help you with any aspect of this if you need additional help or guidance. Simply fill out the contact form below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can.

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