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Instagram recently introduced a new way for users to share video on their platform and called it Instagram TV. The move makes sense. At Think Creative, we keep telling you that video will rule everything in no time, and Instagram clearly sees this trend as something to pay attention to. While video was already available on the platform via short 15 second videos in Instagram Stories and one minute videos on the profile, IGTV allows users to post longer videos. Most users will have the ability to post videos up to ten minutes long while some power users will have the capability to post much longer videos.

IGTV is available both through the regular app and a specialized app that can be downloaded in Google Play or the App Store. Videos must be shot in the vertical style as Instagram knows this is the natural way that people use their phone cameras. They are also probably hoping that this will enable their offering to stand out in a crowded video field. Truth be told, IGTV is going to need some improvements to be truly effective, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some creative ways to use the new tool for your business.

Share Tips

Instagram’s one minute limitation on video length is a definite downer when you just have more to say. IGTV allows you to dive in deep when you are sharing tips with your followers. If you aren’t sharing tips in video format, you really should be. No matter what your business, providing value is key to gaining loyalty with your following. One of the great things about IGTV and the longer format is that you won’t have to cut yourself off at a certain point. You can feel free to continue and wrap up your thoughts, making sure to pack all the important information into one video. As always, any tips you share should be relevant and interesting to your audience.

Promote Longer Videos

While the videos do have to be in vertical format, if you have a high enough quality of video, you can post them to IGTV with the understanding that parts of it may be cut off. This will enable you to reach an audience that primarily stays within the Instagram app. Users will be notified of the new video in the regular app and can follow your channel in the IGTV app.

Demonstrate How to Do Something

Let’s face it, a minute is simply not long enough to show how to do something. You may have to use hyperlapse technology and that can be difficult and prove not very satisfying to the end user. IGTV gives you the opportunity to dive into depth on a topic. You can walk your viewers through any number of things related to your business and take the proper amount of time to really develop your ideas so that you delivering a great end product.

Start a Podcast or Weekly Series

If Instagram is a successful platform for your business, you might also try launching a podcast. Choose different topics to discuss and give them the time they deserve. You won’t need to worry about editing as the format lends itself to a certain level of authenticity. Instead, focus on providing excellent content that will keep viewers tuning in for more. Choose a particular area related to your business or focus on lessons learned while doing your job. Since IGTV is still in the early stages, this is a prime opportunity to make a splash by offering something worth watching.

Go In-Depth at Your Company

IGTV is a really fresh way to showcase your company. Interview various members of staff about the work they do and why they love doing it. You can have them include tips as well! Show behind the scenes of how something gets made, the general workflow of a day, or even capture special moments at your company. The more you humanize the workplace, the more people will want to do business with you in the future. This also provides an opportunity to establish yourself as a innovator in the field.

Once you start making videos for IGTV, it’s important to tell everyone. Don’t be shy about announcing to your followers that you are using the platform and encourage them to check you out there. Use hashtags in your descriptions and spend some time considering how to make catchy titles that will convince a user to check out your new video when Instagram notifies them about it. Post previews in your stories or on your profile page. Be as creative in the promotion of your videos as you are in preparing the content.

There’s no reason to shy away from using this new tool! Pick the idea that feels the best to you right now and try it out! Be sure to let us know when your first IGTV video has posted by sending us a message on Twitter!