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With every major holiday comes new marketing strategies that you can use to increase your sales and grow your small business. Thanksgiving is one of the most lucrative holidays for small businesses. It comes right before the holiday season starts, and it is the day before the biggest shopping holiday of the year. By the time Thanksgiving arrives, people are eager to start their holiday shopping.

In order for your small business to benefit from a spike in sales around Thanksgiving, it’s important to know how to use the right strategies to incentivize more customers to start their holiday shopping with your business. These five marketing ideas are targeted specifically toward small businesses to help you start off the holiday season right with more customers, more sales, and more profits.

Show You Care

Thanksgiving is about giving back, giving thanks, and sharing what you have with others. One of the most effective Thanksgiving marketing strategies for small businesses is to show how much you care about your community by giving back to it. Choose a worthy cause—the closer to home the better—and pledge to donate a certain percentage of the profits you earn throughout the week before Thanksgiving to that charity. You can also donate the goods and services your business provides to a worthy cause. For example, a small catering business could donate Thanksgiving dishes to the local homeless shelter.

Contributing to charitable causes as a small business helps give your business humanity and character in the eyes of your customers. It sets your business further apart from faceless corporations and emphasizes how much you really care, not only about your customers but about the community as a whole. Connecting with your community is key to the success of any small business. By supporting worthy causes and helping those in need within your community, other members of your community will be much more inclined to support your small business as well.

Start Black Friday Sales Early

Once Black Friday hits, every business from small businesses to mega-corporations drop their prices in honor of the biggest shopping holiday of the year. With sales everywhere, it’s easy for your Black Friday promotion to get lost in the crowd of discounts—especially if your business is small.

Stay ahead of the curve by starting your Black Friday sales early. Think about the deals and discounts you would normally offer on Black Friday, and run that promotion the week before Thanksgiving instead of the day after. It’s easier to pull more attention toward your sales when not every other business in town is simultaneously dropping their prices.

Reward Your Loyalty Customers

Stay in line with the spirit of Thanksgiving, and show your faithful customers how much you care about them and how thankful you are for them by running a special Thanksgiving promotion that only applies to your loyalty customers.

Running a promotion that you only offer to your loyalty customers is an effective marketing strategy for two reasons. It makes your best customers feel special and encourages them to keep supporting your business. Plus, it encourages more of your customers to join your loyalty program in order to avoid missing out on exclusive holiday discounts.

Send Out Thanksgiving Cards

Remind your customers how grateful you are for them in a personal Thanksgiving card. These cards don’t have to be anything extravagant. Just send out simple cards with a short message that expresses your gratitude for your customers and how thankful you are for their business. Address these cards by hand to improve your mail open rate and give each card a personal touch.

Thanksgiving cards are much more unique than holiday cards, so they will be more memorable to your customers who receive them. Since Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, Thanksgiving cards also give you a chance to tell your customers how thankful you are for their loyalty throughout the year and how much you’re looking forward to working with them next year.

Celebrate Small Business Saturday

As discussed earlier, the promotions that small businesses run on Black Friday tend to not get as much attention as the major sales that larger companies and corporations offer on the same day.

Small Business Saturday takes place on the day after Black Friday every year. The purpose of this holiday is to encourage consumers to save some of their holiday shopping to support the small businesses in their community. In addition to running Black Friday sales before Thanksgiving, extend your sales through the day after Black Friday and encourage your customers to come by on Small Business Saturday to celebrate with you.