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7 Solid Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a busy time and it can be easy to get overwhelmed, feel stressed, and struggle to get everything done. We’ve got a few principles to keep in mind during the busy holiday season to help you get maximum enjoyment from this special time of year.

Don't Overschedule Yourself During the Busy Holiday Season

Don’t Overschedule Yourself

It can be really hard to manage a balancing act during the holiday season due to the increased demands on your time. Also, it is very tempting to want to participate in everything that is going on during this festive season. Between handling holiday duties at your work, shopping, and home festivities the time runs out quickly. Throw in year end duties, and it’s overwhelming to simply describe the season let alone live it!

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot do it all. You will have to decide what is most essential first. Prioritize that first and then if you still have time, you can include some other events. Don’t feel guilty about not being able to do it all. Friends and family will understand as everyone is in a similar situation!

Get the Sleep You Need During the Busy Holiday Season

Get the Sleep You Need

You need your sleep as always during the busy holiday season. While it can be tempting to cut back on sleep in order to squeeze more into your day, this is one of the worst decisions you can make. Being well rested will allow you to tackle your priorities with more energy. Additionally, you won’t be so burned out and exhausted so you’ll be able to better enjoy the festive activities you take part in and the time with family and friends. It’s better for your long term health as well so don’t neglect sleep!

Indulge Your Festive Spirit During the Busy Holiday Season

Take Time to Indulge Your Festive Spirit

With many business obligations, it can be easy to forget to enjoy the season. Make a point to plan some fun time as well. Do something that helps you feel good about the holiday, whether it’s making hot cocoa and curling up with a movie, going to see local neighborhood lights, watching a community production of the Nutcracker, or attending a church play. The season only comes once a year and it’s important to make sure you remember the reasons you enjoy it.

Set goals you can realistically meet this holiday season

Set Goals You Can Realistically Meet

If this is a busy season for your business, you may have big dreams of how to launch a perfect holiday atmosphere at both your store and in your home. And it’s completely understandable! There are only so many days before the end of the year, however. Decide what matters most and then build the priorities of your company around that. Keep things simple that can be kept simple. You may not have time to bake homemade cookies, but you can compromise by purchasing premade dough and still doing the decorating by hand.

Plan in Advance this Holiday Season

Make Plans in Advance

If you know you have several big events coming up at once, you can prepare in advance by getting as much done as possible beforehand. If you are hosting a holiday party, do as much baking in advance as you can. Make sure you have all of your materials printed for any in-store events if you wish to give out fliers or coupons.

Schedule your social media posts in advance. Set aside a block of time and write your posts for the entire season. Don’t forget the period after Christmas Day and before New Year’s Day. While your business may be closed or have reduced hours, you’ll want to make sure you have this time covered. You may reduce the amount of posts during this time depending on who your target audience is and what is going on. If you will be having a lot of sales, you will want to make sure to cover those in your social posts. If the post holiday period is a busy one, you may want to schedule a few basic posts ahead of time and adjust them as needed for sales.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help this Holiday Season

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Chances are there are people in your life who are not as busy as you are. Ask your friends and family for help if you need it. Even if it is something as simple as running to the store to get supplies you need, people are in a giving mood and everyone wants to help each other at this time of year. So ask!

Give Back This Holiday Season

Give Back

With that in mind, it’s also the season to give back. Make sure you have ways in which you will be giving during this season. Not only is it the right thing to do, but giving back will also help you get in the right mind frame for the holiday. Encourage your employees to give back as well through a food or toy drive. Fostering the spirit of giving during the holiday season will keep you in the right frame of mind during the season. Make the process of giving back enjoyable. Research various charities and choose one that is close to your interests.

Don’t forget your coworkers and employees. While it might be impossible to offer gifts to everyone, sincere appreciation goes a long way. If the budget is tight, offer some time to employees to get their own Christmas shopping done, or hold a holiday potluck with raffle prizes or white elephant gifts.

The holiday season only comes around once a year! Put these tips into practice in order to make the most of this special time of year. If you need help managing any aspect of your marketing, we’re always here to help you! Contact us below.

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