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Does Your Business Need a Blog?

You may have heard that it’s a good idea for your business to have a blog, but you’re not sure yet if you want to jump into blogging for your business. The thought of writing on a regular basis can be intimidating and may seem like a lot of work especially if you don’t understand the benefits. Here are a few reasons you should seriously consider blogging and a few tips to help you make the right decisions from the start.

Blogging helps SEO


The primary reason to consider a blog is the incredible SEO benefit. Static webpages don’t change very much by definition and therefore don’t often get crawled by search engine robots. A blog sends “new content” signals to the search engine robots so they’ll crawl your site again. When that happens, there’s a chance that the search engine will reevaluate and decide whether or not your site should actually rank higher. Additionally, you are likely to write about a variety of topics on your site touching on potentially more issues than your static web page does. Using more keywords means you are making the chances you will get discovered by customers. So new and increased content will do a lot for your SEO and that’s why you often read about how essential it is to have a blog!

Blogging as a Resource


There are other benefits  that go beyond that main one, however. A blog can serve as an additional resource for your customers. In your day to day dealings, you most likely get asked the same questions multiple times by your customers. Use a blog to answer frequently asked questions and even go in greater depth on the answers than you could in person. While it probably won’t stop those questions from being asked, it will be a resource for your customers. It can also help new customers find you as they google for answers to their questions! Consider also offering tips or more information about something you may have wished to have a platform for before! You can explain how different products and services can work together and give tips on how to protect products or use them more effectively.

Enhance social media content

Social Media Content

If you’ve been using social media, you’ve probably been sharing links to great and relevant articles. Start your own blog and you can start using your social power for your own site. Instead of sending people to other websites, you’ll be directing them to your own website and your own opinions and knowledge. This will help you to have a steady source of content to share and it will all tie directly back to your business. While you will still likely share other content, being able to point your customers to your own content on the most important or pressing issues related to your services is a huge benefit. The more you are sharing your own great content, the more you are also likely to attract new followers on your social media channels.

Establish Authority

Establish Authority

While many business owners might be aware of the benefits of having a blog on their website, very few will actually take the time to start and maintain one. So starting a blog gives you a chance to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. You have unique experiences and knowledge that others don’t have. Sharing it on your blog will help to elevate your voice in your industry which will increase consumer confidence. Don’t forget that your online reputation is often the only way that consumers think of you so establishing your business as an authority in the field can have a powerful impact on the way they perceive you.


A blog can be a powerful way to communicate with your customers. Share new products and services on your blog when you launch them. This gives you the opportunity to detail how the products work, the benefits they might provide to your customers, and how to pair them or use them with your existing products. If you have policy changes, a blog can be a great place to explain them and answer questions in comments about them. When you reach significant milestones or have personnel changes, you can share about them in detail on your blog. Once you boost these posts through social media, you’ll have both increased and improved your communication with your customers significantly.

Sold? Great! Having a blog on your company website is a fantastic idea. Before you really get rolling, though, make sure you have a few things in place so your presence is consistent, sharp, and professional from the start.

Get started blogging

Get Started

Establish a Point Person

Once you’ve decided to start a blog for your company site, it’s important that you establish a consistent schedule. Appointing one person in charge of the blog is a good idea. This way you have someone who is responsible for making sure that posts are written on time, optimized for SEO, and posted. It is not necessary that the same individual writes all the posts…they can solicit posts from anyone in the company who might have something worthwhile for the blog. But they will be ultimately responsible for maintaining the calendar, following up with those who are assigned blog posts, responding to comments, and overall maintenance. Set up an editorial calendar to encourage involvement and ensure everyone know what is expected of them as well.

Decide Where to Host Your Blog

You have two choices for this: host a blog independently of your site or host your blog right on your site. We strongly recommend that you choose to host the blog right on your site. Many of the benefits we outlined above won’t come into play if you host the blog on its own site. Contact your webmaster to discuss with them the logistics of adding a blog to your site. While it may be a bit inconvenient in the short term, this will give you more control over your blog. Remember that while you are starting out small, your blog is likely to grow and gain traction over time. Owning it and keeping it on your site means you won’t have to make any adjustments later and you will reap all the benefits from the beginning.

Choose a Purpose

Deciding on a purpose for your blog is essential. While you may think the purpose is to improve your SEO, you need to decide what the actual function of the blog will be and what your goals are. Do you want to educate customers? Personalize your brand? Establish a stronger sense of brand identity? Become an authority or thought leader in your industry? Decide on your main purpose to be so that you can tailor your posts to fit this purpose. Having a purpose will not only aid people in knowing what they can expect from you, but it will also give you a personal sense of purpose and save you time when planning your blog posts.

Decide on a Tone

Decide on a Tone

This goes along with choosing a purpose, but you’ll want to establish a tone for your blog. Whatever tone you decide on will probably depend a lot on the existing personality of your brand, but look at this as an opportunity to let your business really shine! While it is advisable to remain respectful at all times, you can employ humor and fun if that comes naturally. Don’t worry if it doesn’t, though. The most important thing is to provide value to your intended audience (most likely your customers) and establish a consistent tone that allows them to know what to expect.

It’s exciting to start something new like a blog! While a huge learning curve lies ahead, you will discover that as with all worthwhile endeavors, putting in the work really pays off! We’d love to hear your tips and questions! Tweet us @uthinkcreative1 and share!

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