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Think Creative Offers Social Media Marketing Workshop for Local Business Owners

Think Creative was thrilled to host a series of workshops during April and May at the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce. The workshop spanned four weeks and each week we tackled a different area of digital marketing including social media marketing, paid advertising, and SEO. Our motivation was simple. We wanted to share with the businesses in our community what we’ve learned as digital marketers because we hate seeing small businesses with so much to offer struggle under the weight of a changing marketing landscape. So we came up with the idea of our Digital Marketing Essentials Workshop! Of course not everyone was able to attend. That’s okay! A recap of what we covered follows.

The very first week we tackled the subject of social media. Social media is a huge topic and many issues fall under this umbrella. Clearly, we couldn’t address everything! We did, however, want to talk about what makes a great social media post. Even though you may have been posting on social media for your business for awhile, it’s always good to review these principles

Aim to Engage

While we will choose to focus on Facebook, every social media platform values engagement in their algorithms. An algorithm is simply the way various social media platforms choose what order to show posts in your feed. When a post has a high rate of engagement, it signals to Facebook that people are interested. It’s important to Facebook that you see something you like when you log in. So when a lot of people are commenting and reacting to posts, it tells Facebook that there is great content there.

Therefore, it’s really important to work to engage your audience. You can do this by asking questions, seeking advice, running polls, and even requesting feedback about changes you might be planning to make at your business. Think about who you interact with on social media and then figure out how you can make that applicable to your business’s posts.

Use Visuals

The truth of the matter is that posts without visuals rarely go anywhere. Stop to consider how much space a post with an image takes over a post that is text only and you start to understand why. Additionally, images clue a reader into the content of the post which means they may be more likely to take the time to read it.

When posting pictures, the best thing is to post pictures you have taken yourself. Just make sure these photos aren’t too grainy or dark. If you must use other photos, be sure you have the legal right to use them in order to avoid problems down the road.


Video is a great option as well. Record short videos or even go live! If you take short videos and want to edit them yourself on your Android phone, use the app Power Director. When you go live, it’s a good idea to show something of value to your customers. One idea is to show a behind the scenes glimpse of your business. Alternatively, give tips about how to use your products or services. If you establish a regular time that you go live each week, your customers will start to anticipate it.

Try Starting a Facebook Group

If you don’t get a lot of traction with your Facebook page, you might try starting a Facebook Group where discussion reigns supreme. This option won’t work for everyone, but it’s worth a try if your industry lends itself to conversation with your consumers. For example, if you own a florist and frequently find yourself giving advice about flower arrangements  for weddings, a group might be a great place for you to talk one on one with consumers.


Potentially the single best piece of advice we can give is to make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are businesses and they will always be making adjustments to ensure they are satisfying their user base. At any time, they might make a change that will affect the way you reach your customers. Explore other social media options and find at least two that work for you.

What to Avoid

What makes a bad social media post? Too many hashtags! Hashtags are important, especially on Twitter and Instagram. However, if you use too many you may be flagged for spam. Even if you aren’t, you’ll look like spam. No one wants that. So pick the most useful ones and always be sure you know what they mean.

Avoid politics as well. Even well meaning posts can be misconstrued and the simple fact is that you don’t have time to deal with the fallout of that. Instead, keep it light, relevant, and upbeat.

It probably goes without saying, but you’ll also probably want to avoid anything offensive. No unsavory pictures, limit the extreme language (depending on your industry some might be appropriate), don’t post violent or gruesome images and text.

Last but not least, you also want to avoid looking like you’re always selling something. While it’s a good idea to mention specials, don’t go overboard and only talk about your products and services.

Wrapping it Up

It was great to share all of that information with you, but we also learned from the businesses that attended the workshop. We loved hearing about your industries and services and chatting with you about ways to apply this knowledge to them. We were reminded of and delighted by the rich, diverse and hard working people in the Murrieta area. Each business faces unique challenges and having the opportunity to brainstorm ways to approach social media with you was truly our pleasure. If you didn’t attend, we hope you’ll look out for the next time we host an event like this.

We’d also like to offer anyone who didn’t attend a chance to have a free analysis of their business’s online presence done. Contact us today!