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Plan a Great Holiday Social Media Campaign

Black Friday is a huge deal for shoppers and if you own a retail store, you’ve likely been preparing for it. It’s also a good opportunity to launch a coordinated holiday social media campaign that extends through season. Consumers love Christmas and they will be thinking about it as they buy gifts and prepare to host family. If you can tap into that holiday spirit through a holiday social media campaign, you can create a stronger connection with your customers and keep your products and services top of mind. In the case that your clients do not celebrate Christmas or privilege another holiday then make adjustments accordingly.

Do a social media 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas is a popular song for the season, but it’s also a fun way to celebrate the holiday on social media. Plan a campaign that uses all of your social media accounts to highlight your products. Don’t just list products each day, though. Consider how you can spruce up your pictures and posts to reflect the holiday season and give your customers new insight into how they can use your products. If you provide services, then break down the elements of your service over the days and explain their unique role or the benefit they add.Consider offering exclusive discounts or giveaways each day. If you do something like this, it’s going to make it more likely your customers make the extra effort to check in and see what you’re offering. Bonus points if you can adhere to the numerical pattern of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

Christmas Advent Holiday Social Media Campaign

Christmas Advent Campaign

Advent calendars are very popular and you can find them for many different things. Preparing a kind of Advent might be similar to a 12 Days of Christmas campaign, but you can incorporate some different ideas. For example, you can slowly reveal pieces of a whole thing, perhaps a Christmas image of your business or you can make a game out of a special discount and release clues each day. Since Advent typically lasts until Christmas, the number of posts needed to successfully pull it off might seem like a lot, but it can be smaller in overall scope. If you choose to reveal something, make sure it’s worth it and a delight to your customers.

Host a Giveaway Holiday Social Media Extravaganza

Giveaway Extravaganza

Everyone loves the chance to win something and you can use your social media platforms to host giveaways that spotlight your products while also growing your social media accounts. Put together one big giveaway or do small giveaways each day, it’s up to you. You could also offer something like a shopping spree during hours when the store is closed or a gift certificate if you want to keep it simple. Consumers are in a mindset to acquire and find gifts and so they will be more open to entering your giveaways at this time.

Make Pinterest Boards to Go With Your Holiday Social Media Campaign

Pinterest Boards

If you have products that can be repurposed for holiday use or items specific to the holidays, create a Pinterest Board that showcases the best ways to use your products. Share aspirational images of an ideal and cozy holiday and post new recipes. Create multiple boards and repin the ideas of others. It’s really up to you, but people will be turning to Pinterest for their holiday needs and it is only to your advantage to have a presence there. Check out our winter holiday aesthetic board on Pinterest for inspiration!


Host a contest as part of your holiday social media campaign

Host a Contest

If you sell a product unique to the season or have a product or item that is popular year round, consider hosting a contest encouraging your customers to post on their social media with a branded hashtag. For example, if one of your most popular items is a t-shirt with a bear on it you can host a contest where customers wear the t-shirt displaying their festive spirits in instagram photos and use a designated hashtag. Or if the items you sell aren’t wearable encourage them in include them in a festive scene. If you have a mascot or logo this is another idea…provide a printable version that customers can use in holiday settings and then post on social media. This will also give you a lot of user generated content you can share (with permission) on your accounts! Make the ultimate prize something worthwhile and enjoy. For more details on hosting contests and giveaways check out this informative article from AdWeek.

Get Personal with your Holiday Social Media Campaign

Get Personal

You can always use your social media accounts to personalize your business. Survey your employees about their favorite holiday traditions, songs, movies, recipes and more. Do this with short video that you post or make small graphics with their names and a quote. You can compile everything into one blog post or simply keep it as individual posts over many days leading up to the holiday. Make sure to have your employees permission to post their faces on social media and don’t force anyone to participate that doesn’t want to.

The holidays are a fun time for your customers and joining in the spirit and using your social media accounts to reflect the changing seasons is a great opportunity to connect with and engage them even more. A great holiday social media campaign can be fun for you, too! Looking for help in managing your overall social media presence? Contact us today–we can help!

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