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The Three Golden Cs of Social Media

Everyone wants to have a winning social media presence, so what does it take to do so? We believe it takes three basic principles that we like to call The Golden Cs of Social Media. Keep these in mind with everything you do on social media and you will be on your way to success.

Always be courteous on social media


The number one thing for all brands and businesses to remember on social media is that they must be courteous. Unless your brand depends on it, snarky responses have no place in your social media presence. While it can feel overwhelming to receive rude comments on social media (or in online reviews!) it’s essential to keep a cool head and employ your best customer service skills when responding. Remember that a real customer is on the other side of your exchange. Handling every situation with courtesy and customer service will help you retain the customers you already have and win new ones for the future.

It isn’t only in replies to customers that you must be courteous, though. Everything, from the creation of your posts to the editing of your images, should abide by general internet courtesy. Make sure you have the right license or permission to post any images you use and correctly attribute all quotes and stats to their source. Retweet and credit others when you get information and inspiration from them. Treating others as you would like to be treated is a great rule of thumb to abide by in your social media practices.

Always be consistent on social media


In addition to being courteous, a successful social media plan demands consistency. It’s important that you post on a consistent schedule to your accounts. In order to accomplish this, it’s easiest to plan out your posts in advance and schedule them via a scheduling tool like Think Creative’s Socialite. Additionally, if you start responding to customers when you they ask you questions, you will need to keep up that aspect of consistency as well.

Consistency in posting isn’t the only consideration, though. You also need to create a consistent voice for your posts and a consistent branded look. Your followers and customers will come to rely on you sounding a certain way and will recognize your branded colors and images in their feeds. Customers expect consistency. Don’t confuse them by adding in elements they are not expecting to see from you in your social media efforts. Stay on theme. Adopting a voice that works for your business and sticking to it will help you engage your customers and develop a strong relationship and rapport with them over time.

Always be creative on social media


There’s a lot of competition for attention on social media so it is essential to be creative. While it is advisable to follow social media best practices, it’s also important to make your efforts stand out through creative initiatives. You can start by imitating the accounts you admire but the more you use your creativity muscle, the more it will grow. Take some time to brainstorm how you can make your social media accounts stand out not only from the competition but from every other thing your customers are seeing in their feeds.

Humor is often a winner so if you possess a natural sense of humor than utilizing it in your social media makes sense. You don’t have to be funny to be creative, though. If you possess a knack for photography then taking pictures and repurposing them for your social media accounts is a great option. Simply spending some time working on how you can feature your products and services uniquely will often bring ideas. Keep an eye on National Days and put a spin on how they relate to your products or services. Holidays are another good opportunity to use creativity.

Don’t stop at what you’re putting out there, though. Consider ways you can also creatively engage or reach out to your customers. Keeping in mind the other golden Cs of courtesy and consistency, you may find yourself thinking of fresh ideas that will give you a chance to connect with them.

If all else fails, just remember to use creativity in your social media efforts. You can learn how to edit videos or create graphics to accompany your posts. Feed your own creativity as well. Watch highly regarded films, spend time in nature, read classic books and get plenty of sleep! All of these things will help jump start your own creativity.

If you are able to abide by the three golden Cs of social media, you will create a successful opportunity for your business. It will also save you quite a bit of grief down the road remembering to be courteous, consistent, and creative! If you’re looking for some help with your social media efforts, Think Creative is here! Our Socialite tool can help you schedule consistent posts and we also offer managed posts. Contact us using the form below today!

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