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Avoid These Common Twitter Mistakes

Even though Twitter has been around for awhile, it is still often misused and abused. Many people understand it as a broadcast system and fail to realize that like all social media platforms, its greatest possibilities for success lie in engagement. Social media should be viewed as a chance to have a conversation with your audience. While that manifests itself in a few different ways, it’s important to keep it top of mind as you use the platform for your business. Here are 9 common Twitter mistakes people make and the reasons why you should avoid them.

Only Tweet Marketing is one of many common Twitter mistakes

Only Tweet Marketing

If the only tweets on your timeline are selling to your followers, the chance is high that they won’t be your followers for much longer. Or they will mute you. Tweets that offer information about your products are appropriate but a good rule of thumb is to keep the direct marketing efforts to only 20% of your tweets. If you are feeling shocked by this number, there’s good news. Your Twitter efforts will improve and you’ll see more success when you start including different kinds of tweets in your efforts. Customers do want access to specials from following you, it’s true. But your twitter account should offer a well rounded experience including conveying who your business is to your followers.

Auto-update your Twitter Feed from Other Social Sites

It can be very tempting to ditch Twitter efforts in favor of sites you are more comfortable with such as Facebook or Instagram, but it is noticeable if your only presence is via auto feed from other sites. Additionally, links frequently break and initial concepts don’t always translate well from one platform to another. Although it can take a little bit of time, it’s best to tweak your posts to fit the platform.

Never tweet images

Never Use Images

You don’t need to post pictures or visuals one hundred percent of the time, but you are missing out if you never do. Tweets with images tend to get more engagement and more retweets. It’s easy to understand why if you visualize your Twitter feed. The pictures pop out in the stream of text. Everyone knows this now so it’s important to use high quality images that help establish your brand in order to further snag the attention of your followers.

Never Use Hashtags

Hashtags help others to find the content you’re sharing so you’re wasting an opportunity if you don’t use them. There may not always have room to include them, but if you do, you should select the ones that fit your content the best. Don’t use hashtags that tangentially relate or simply attach one that is trending at the moment. You want the right people to find your content and you want the people who find your content to think it’s relevant. Hashtags will increase the number of people who see your tweet as people use them frequently on Twitter to search. This is probably the easier of all the common Twitter mistakes to fix.

Never Engage

Never Engage

Twitter moves at a rapid pace with 6,000 tweets per second, but it’s still important to engage with your followers and fans on the platform. At minimum, you need to like the tweets of those who reach out to you to pay a compliment to your business and answer any questions presented to you. Proactive engagement through social listening will you get you farther, though. When you find people talking about your business who haven’t necessarily tagged you, you can engage as appropriate. If they pay you a compliment, thank them! If they ask a question, answer it. If they are complaining, offer to speak with them in more detail about the situation.

Be Stingy

Everyone likes to be retweeted. They like to feel like their content has value to others and is appreciated. So don’t be shy about retweeting others. Yes, you should be choosy and choose only complimentary tweets to retweet. Be careful not to overdo it and just choose one or two good ones a day or week depending on how often you tweet and how much material there is to choose from. But be generous and retweet your customers. While you can’t retweet everyone, you can definitely like the tweets of those who speak well of your business or respond to them with a thank you. This is absolutely something you want to do. People like to know that it matters to you when they say something nice about you. Encourage it!

Never Quote Tweets

Never Quote Tweets

Retweeting is great and you should do it, but quoting tweets is another function of Twitter and something to consider. When someone tweets something and you have some information to add that would be helpful to everyone, you can quote their tweet and add your own thoughts. This gives you the opportunity to share what they said but also add information for those who follow you. It also allows you to track the analytics for that tweet in a way you can’t do with simple retweets. Don’t abuse the tool, though. If you genuinely have nothing to add, you don’t want to simply reword what the previous person said, or just say, thanks. In those cases, a simple retweet or reply will suffice.

Fail to Develop Consistent Branding

It’s important to develop a consistent voice and appearance for your brand for your posts on Twitter. When you create images for your tweets, try to stay within the same color scheme. If these colors match the colors already present on your website, all the better! Adopt a tone that works for your business. Friendly, funny, or simply professional, pick one and stick with it.

Never Look at Analytics

Never Look at Analytics

Twitter offers analytics that will give you insight into how your tweets are performing. Obsessing over your analytics isn’t helpful, but looking at them can give you some insights into how your efforts are paying off. Twitter analytics will show you how many people saw your tweets, how many engaged, and a trend of your overall efforts. The engagement metrics that Twitter analytics shares with you are more in-depth than general likes or retweets. You can also see if people clicked on your links, clicked on your media, or visited your profile from the tweet.

Avoid these common Twitter mistakes and you’ll discover that Twitter can be so much fun and so beneficial to your business when you engage, use hashtags, are generous, and use images. Try it out and let us know how it goes by tweeting us! Looking for more help with your social media? Contact us and learn about the many solutions Think Creative offers for your marketing.

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