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5 Goals for the Social Media Newbie

Are you a social media newbie that resolved to start using social media for your business in 2018? This is a great goal and one that we wholeheartedly support at Think Creative. Whether or not you like it, your social media presence or lack thereof contributes to the perception of your business online. So getting started on social media is a great way to take control of how you are seen.

It can be tempting to dream big and try to tackle many things at once when you first start. But you don’t need to become the most popular account on Twitter right out of the gate. We have five suggestions for what the social media newbie can focus on in 2018 with your social media accounts. These are also relevant if you’ve only used social media in a limited capacity up until now.

A Social Media Newbie wants to look good

Look Good

The first goal is easy. You want to look good. We suggest looking over our beginner’s guide to social media to make sure that all of your images are attractive and appealing, reflect your company or business and are sized correctly. When you start producing content on social platforms or encouraging people to follow you, they are going to visit your profile and it’s extremely important that it looks good. This is a first impression deal.

Fill out all bios and info. If you are posting about your great milkshakes and customers pop by your profile page to find out more and they can’t find your website, location or hours, they will give up. This is your chance–don’t blow it!

Take great care as you begin to post photos and graphics. There are many free online tools you can use to edit photos to make them look a bit better. There are also free design tools you can use for graphics. Remember that these photos are a reflection of your business so you want them to look good. The time and care you spend on your social media efforts translates into customers minds as how much you care about your business and them.

Be Helpful as a Social Media Newbie

Be Helpful

One of the biggest ways you can stand out on social media is by being helpful. Offer tips to your customers that will actually be relevant and help them in their life. Make sure the helpful information relates to your business or doesn’t seem like it’s coming out of left field. For example, you can offer advice on how to get the most out of your products, recipes and tips for maintenance and care. You can also impart knowledge such as the history behind something or how an item is made. If a customer feels their life has been enhanced by their social media interactions with you, you’ve won! There’s an excellent chance they will continue to trust you and turn to your business when they have a need.

A Social Media Newbie Should Focus on Mastering One Platform

Master One Platform

You may find that it’s beneficial to be on a couple of different social platforms, but for your first year make it a goal to master one. Each platform has its own quirks and benefits so focusing on one will help you become great at it and reach the customers you have there. Spend the first few weeks of the year getting familiar with your chosen platforms and then select the one you feel you have the best chance to master and enjoy the most. Work throughout the year on truly mastering the platform, learning the kind of language to use, what images work, and what people are looking for there. It’s less important that you amass a huge number of followers and more important that you make great connections and engage a strong network.

A Social Media Newbie Should Focus on Being Excellent

Be Excellent

A lot of New Year’s resolutions fall to the side as the pressures of the year mount. So make sure to commit to excellence on social media. Learn social media best practices and follow them. Be consistent. Develop a calendar that will help you post regularly and plan a content strategy. Don’t “just do it” but put thought, effort and creativity into your effort.

A Social Media Newbie Should Experiment with New Things

Experiment with New Things

It can be easy to gain a certain level of comfort and then go into auto-pilot mode. This is the fastest way to bring your accounts to a plateau. Trends are always changing in marketing and online and staying on top of them gives you a chance to stand out. The social sites themselves also frequently change. They introduce new features that they think their users will enjoy or that enable them to use the site the way they already want to. It’s important for businesses and brands using social media to stay on top of changes and make adjustments. Not everything has to be utilized, but experimenting with new ideas and features may help you make a mark early. You might also discover something new that works for your business! Don’t be afraid to try new features and see how they can work for you.

Instagram stories, tweet storms, and Facebook Live might not be right for your business. But you might also discover as you try them out and other newly added features, that they help you connect to your target audience even more than the traditional features on these sites.

Your social media journey may just be getting started but you have a fun journey ahead! Everyone is a social media newbie at some point. So long as you commit to presenting a sharp look, being helpful, being excellent, mastering one platform, and experimenting with new things, you have a bright future ahead. We want to know how your first year with social media goes! Drop us a note in the contact form below at any time and keep us updated.

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