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Get the New Year off to a Great Start!

A New Year means a fresh start and we’ve got ten things you can do to get this New Year off to a great start!

Clean Your Desk to Get Your New Year off to a Great Start

Clean out Your Desk

Chances are that even if you tidy your desk on a regular basis there are still some things that can be discarded or filed away. Give it a good wipe down as well. Cleaning your desk at the start of a New Year will give you a figurative fresh start and empower you to face the challenges in the New Year with clarity. Clean other work areas as well. Anywhere you spend a significant amount of time in work needs to be tidy so that you can benefit from a fresh look in the New Year.

Sort Your Email to Get the New Year off to a Great Start

Sort Your Email

If you haven’t been handling this task regularly than it will be a huge one. But having a sorted and organized email inbox will help you take better control of your peace of mind in the new year. Even though it may not seem like it, a cluttered email inbox can add to your stress and lower your productivity. So organize your email inbox to get your new year off to a great start!

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

The changing of the year is a good time to make sure your LinkedIn Profile is completely up to date. Take a new picture and add it to your profile. Make sure you have a banner image to help your profile pop. If it’s been awhile since you’ve logged in, add any new connections and update or fill in any missing information. Look at the profiles of your connections and see if you can give someone you know an endorsement. It’s always a good idea to start the New Year off by being generous!

Touch Base with Customers and Prospective Clients To Get the New Year off to a Great Start

Touch Base with Prospective Clients

It’s important to start the New Year off strong and touch base with any prospective clients. Even if you feel they’ve grown cold, the New Year is a good time to check in as situations change. Many people are considering professional goals for the future and may be open to reconsidering what you have to offer them.

Touch Base with Customers

On that same note, it’s also a good time to touch base with current clients and customers. If you use a newsletter, send out an update showcasing any new products or services you offer. You might offer a small discount to returning customers in the New Year. Everyone feels a little overspent after the holidays and a discount might entice them to stop in to your business or sign up for your new service.

Organize Your Calendar

Organize Your Calendar

Make sure your calendar is organized and ready to go for the New Year. This way you can ensure you don’t miss any important meetings or appointments and that you’re ready to tackle the New Year and all of your obligations. It also gives you a chance to see everything in one place so that you can make more plans for the year ahead and see when you will be the busiest vs. when you will have more time to begin new challenges. Change over any planners or physical calendars you still have as well. If a physical planner would assist you in keeping to your commitments, consider designing one on Canva.

Define Your Goals

Define Your Goals

A new year is an excellent time to start setting new goals. Thinking about goals you want to set forces you to assess where you are currently and what you want to accomplish. Make large overarching goals as well as smaller easier to reach goals that you must hit on the way to your larger goals. Write your goals down. This will help you assess your progress at chosen intervals throughout the year.

Check Safety

If your business has any first-aid kits or safety stations, be sure all of these places are fully stocked. Make sure all your Human Resources notices are updated and refreshed for the New Year. Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and any flashlights you have on site. If anything is missing, place orders so that you can have peace of mind that everything is working and up to date. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you’ve secured your social media accounts.

Get Your Finances Together

It’s a good time to start sorting out your receipts and making sure you have everything together to prepare for your taxes coming up. Get everything together in one place and start sorting them into appropriate categories. It’s also a good time to consider setting up a budget or establishing financial goals. Organizing this at the beginning of the year will help you stay on track throughout the year and meet your goals.

Commit to Networking

Commit to Networking

Look for new places where you can expand your network. Join a local chamber of commerce, a book club, a professional group in your area, or sign up for a class or workshop. Alternatively, you can browse meetup.com for groups in your area that fit your professional or personal interests. Meeting new people and expanding your network may make you a more interesting person, increase your professional opportunities, and bring more joy into your life.

Happy New Year from Think Creative! We hope you’ll do these 10 things to get your new year off to a great start. If you have marketing goals we can help you with, please don’t delay to contact us!

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