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Delightful Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

The end of the year and the holiday season marks a time of gift-giving for most people. Hopefully, you’ve already covered the necessary gifts you need to give, but if you haven’t, we’re here for you! We’ve got some last minute holiday gift ideas for you.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients

Client Gifts

If you’re going to spend money on year end gifts, you want it to be worthwhile. So if you’ve reached this point in the season without acquiring them, it can be tempting to purchase generic food sets and call it a day. However, there may be small ways to create a larger impact depending on budget.

Give a Recurring Gift

We live in a time where many things are operated by subscription. Software, Netflix and magazines are only some of the things we subscribe to but one kind of subscription might make a great client gift. A subscription box can be handy for clients as every month when they receive their box they’ll remember you. Of course, these kinds of gifts can become pricey quickly, so it may not work to give a full year. Six month options are available as well as quarterly boxes or boxes that ship every other month.

If you don’t know of a good subscription box off the top of your head, a site like cratejoy is a hub for many of them. Browsing on this site might lead you to other ideas. It will also give you a chance to see reviews so you can decide if the boxes are worth purchasing or not. These gifts can be purchased online and depending on the box a notification may be instantly available.

A subscription makes a great gift because you’ll be constantly reminding your client of your business, however, you know your clients best and whether or not something like this would appeal to them. So use your best judgment. Despite the appeal of recurring gifts, it may overall not be the best decision for you.

Personalized Gift Package

Consider stocking a company tote bag with personalized gift items. Depending on how well you know your client, this could be a great idea. This way you can mix small professional items such as pens and stationary with high end coffee, a bottle of wine, or gourmet chocolates. The more you know your client personally, the more creative and customized you can be. If you have company totes on hand, you can easily purchase the other items in store making this idea for a last minute gift. Try to avoid putting too much branded content in the tote, though a few special items would be acceptable.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers


Not everyone exchanges gifts during the holidays with coworkers, but it can be a common practice. Knowing what to gift a coworker can present a challenge. If you know them well, it might be easy to find something that suits them. For example, if they have a favorite place to lunch at, a gift card to that place is a thoughtful gesture. But if they are the kind of person you don’t know that well, the decision can be more difficult.

Professional Gift Item–A professional gift item can often work in these cases. A nice pen set, a planner, a cell phone wallet, a classy business card holder, a unique paper weight or nice set of luggage tags if they travel a lot are all reasonable options. Office stores, Barnes & Noble, and Target are options for physical places to source these items and ordering online is always an option as well. You may find an Amazon Prime subscription pays for itself just for purchasing holiday gifts that can be delivered much more quickly.

Fun Gift Items–If your relationship is a bit more light-hearted or if you feel your coworker would appreciate something on the fun scale, there are other options to consider as well. Food is always a solid option and this is the season where you can find a great assortment of gift sets of gourmet foods and drinks. Popcorn is a delightful seasonal option but chocolate works, too. You can be more creative by gifting sets of seasoning or kits that guide you in making cookies or other goodies.

Gifting other kinds of sets can work as well. Small herbal gardening sets, bath and lotion sets, stationary sets or even book or DVD sets can make suitable and fun gifts for anyone in your office or at your business.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees


If you’re the business owner or the manager you may wish to gift something to your employees. If it’s in your means, a holiday year end bonus is always a winning option. But that might not be realistic in which case there are other ways to say thank you for less.

Many businesses will have a holiday party that acts as a gift for the employees and this is a great idea. You can have lunch catered during an extended lunch hour on a workday, rent space at another local business or have employees bring in food potluck style. While you may host a secret santa gift exchange or White Elephant gift exchange at these events, it’s important to also give something separately to your employees.

If the budget is tight, gift cards or small tins filled with sweets can work. You might include a single movie ticket from a gift pack or a small gift card. Remember that just like in other aspects of life, it’s the thought that counts and the end of the year is a great time to give a special shout out to your employees. Scratch lottery cards and raffled items for larger prizes can also make suitable gift items for employees.

If you have a bigger budget than you can go with a larger gift card to a department store or grocery store which is always useful, a night out at the movies, a themed movie night at home gift basket, a nice soft blanket, a planner or candle or aromatherapy oil set. Try to avoid company branded items that add little value to your employees lives. Think about giving them something that will really help them feel appreciated as you head into a new year of work.

If you run out of time to get your holiday shopping done, you can have electronic gift cards sent from places like Amazon or take advantage of Target’s new e-gifting option for something a little more personal.

Good luck with these last minute holiday gift ideas and enjoy the season of gifting!