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Add Direct Mail to Your Marketing Plan
While many businesses have made strong pushes into digital marketing, it’s important to remember that there is still a place for print marketing in your overall strategy. Ignoring the benefits of print marketing could be detrimental to your overall strategy and you don’t want that! There are several key reasons that direct mail is still an important part of any marketing plan.

Oversaturation of Digital Ads

Part of the reason that digital advertising feels so appealing to marketers and businesses is the unlimited nature of it. There seems to be endless space and opportunities to advertise online. It’s also a huge drawback, though, because you are competing with an ever greater number of sources. Customers start to develop a sense of fatigue with endless pop-up ads, auto-playing video, and banners impeding on their online experience. There is also a greater sense of mistrust surrounding digital ads as they present security concerns to users about spyware and viruses. Consumers more naturally trust print than digital ads since the safety concerns are minimal and any threat is a remote possibility. You can capitalize on this by incorporating print into your marketing plan.

Stand out with Direct Mail Marketing
Make an Impact

With so many companies relying on digital only measures, using print is a strong method for making sure that your ads stand out in the crowd. There’s an abundance of digital ads trying to capture the attention of consumers from every direction, but print ads have decreased. There is less competition in direct mail as many of your competitors have transitioned completely to digital advertising. The amount of physical mail consumers receive each day has decreased and as a result, consumers spend more time looking at what they do receive. According to a study done in 2016 by the USPS, 86% of customers report that they take time to look through their mail. Additionally, consumers like to go get their mail at the very first opportunity. They value the mail experience. Direct mail pieces can be personalized to their intended recipient. So if you are able to create a beautiful, eye-catching, and impactful piece of direct mail that is personalized and tailored to your audience you are going to see a response.

Customers love direct mail
Customers Retain More Information from Print

Attention is a finite resource and there is more competition for consumers’ attention than ever. The world of the internet has opened up many avenues of new content and commerce. Therefore it’s important to maximize your time and make sure that your efforts will indeed capture the attention of your intended audience. When reading something in print versus reading it in a digital format, a vast majority of consumers feel that they retain information better if they read it in print. This alone is reason enough to use print to bolster your marketing plan. According to the Scientific American, digital reading itself promotes skimming which means that customers don’t often feel like they are actually grasping the full message of what they are reading. If you want your message to be both understood and remembered then print offers an excellent chance of that happening for you.

Print Marketing and Direct Mail
Consumers like Print

Consumers like the tactile nature of print. They like to be able to hold something and have something lasting. Reading something on print has the advantage of simulating more senses. You touch, smell, and see when you read something on print. Some people find that reading something on print offers a more active experience than reading digitally. While many people might assume younger generations who grew up on digital don’t feel this way, evidence suggests that they do in fact share this preference. According to a Two Sides survey, consumers also feel more relaxed and receptive when they read something physical. Using print in your marketing campaigns is a way to appeal to your customers in a way that they like!

Integrate Direct Mail with Digital Marketing
Print Doesn’t Have to Work Alone (Integrate your Digital and Print Ad Campaigns)

We live in a world where one approach alone isn’t going to work. It’s important to maximize your efforts across channels in order to make multiple impressions about your business and capture the attention of your customers. An excellent way to accomplish this is to combine a digital and print approach to make the most of your campaign. For example:

  • Send out a direct mail piece with an exclusive discount, coupon, or giveaway. You can print the coupon or offer in direct mail piece or you can include a QR code that unlocks the special.
  • Promote the print pieces going out via your social channels. Generate a sense of excitement and buzz for consumers and let them know they need to keep an eye out on their mailboxes in order to receive a special discount. While customers will mostly check their mail anyway, this will ensure it doesn’t wind up grouped together with anything unwanted. If you have a mailing list, you can also offer customers a chance to sign up online to make sure they don’t miss out. Fear of missing out is an incredibly powerful motivator!
  • Tell your customers in person that you occasionally send out print mail that offers exclusive discounts and specials and collect their information on your mailing list if they would like to be included. There is no reason to be pushy about it, but do assure them that the information will be used exclusively for this reason.
  • Turn your advertising efforts into a coordinated event and watch them be more successful for you as your customers find themselves more engaged with your products and services.

Print advertising is far from dead and should still be an important consideration in your marketing efforts. By combining your print efforts with your digital and social efforts you will see the most return for your efforts and advertising dollars. If you’re still unsure of how this all works together or how it can work for you, we can help you come up with an excellent plan at Think Creative! Get started by contacting us with the form below, today!

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