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Tis the season to be spooky! As a holiday, Halloween continues to grow in popularity. In fact, this year, it is estimated that consumers will spend 9.1 billion dollars on Halloween in the United States. There’s a great opportunity for you to join in the festivities with your business and a variety of ways you can do so. People love holidays and they love Halloween. Tapping into that can be fun for you and your employees as well. Read on for some fun Halloween marketing ideas you can use to incorporate seasonal celebrations into your business.

Decorate Your Business for Halloween

Decorate for Halloween

Perhaps the easiest way to get into the Halloween spirit is to decorate for the occasion! Decorations can range from simple to complex depending on how much you enjoy the holiday and how obtrusive decorations will be for your business operations. They don’t need to be expensive. Many discount stores, like a dollar store, sell Halloween decorations. With a good eye, you can easily purpose these items to create a classy (or creepy) effect. You can also find many ideas for homemade decorations and themes on Pinterest. To help you out, we created a board with ideas on Pinterest for some Do-It-Yourself decorations.

Repurpose products for Halloween

Repurpose Products

If you have anything that can be repurposed for Halloween, make sure to showcase these items in a special way. Create a display around them with suggestions for how they can be used for Halloween. You may sell items that would work in costumes or as part of decor or you might possibly sell items that can be used for safety such as flashlights. Get creative and figure out how your existing product line can be specifically used for Halloween. A store focused on health could opt to demonstrate how healthy items can be used as replacements during the season of sweets.

Offer Halloween Candy at Your Business

Give Away Candy

You can bring a little extra dose of spooky cheer in a very simple way. Offer candy to your customers. Place a decorated bowl filled with treats at the counter or at the door. You may wish to do this the week of Halloween only, but if you see customers or clients infrequently you may choose to begin the gifting of candy earlier. Try to offer a variety of treats to appeal to different tastes including some nut free treats in case of allergies.

Offer Halloween themed Food

Offer Fall Themed or Halloween Themed Food

If your business serves food, you have a huge opportunity to offer something seasonal. Pumpkin spice is a popular choice, but apple is seasonally appropriate as well. Anything caramel, nutmeg, and cinnamon works, too. Or you could decorate existing baked goods with monster themes or other scary ideas. Seasonal items work well and feed into an existing idea of “FOMO”–Fear of Missing Out. Offering something for a limited time or in an exclusive way will make customers want to come in and try it before the opportunity disappears.

Use Halloween themed graphics on social media

Get Spooky on Social

One of the easier things you can do is to incorporate Halloween into your social media efforts. Add a jack-o-lantern emoji to your Twitter handle to let everyone know you’re in the spirit or use some simple photo editing tools and create a spooky effect on your icon. Make some graphics using Halloween images and ask your customers for their input on great scary movies, best candies of the season, or costume ideas. Depending on what your business offers, you can also consider hosting a social media contest encouraging your customers to post spirited photos with your products. Investing in a video that highlights your business or products and is Halloween themed is a great idea as well. You can post it to your various social media channels and website.

Host a Themed Event

Host an Event

Consider hosting a special event in store that coincides with the season. You can host a costume contest, a trick or treat event, or just an open house and provide warm cider, cookies, and raffle giveaways. Promote the event in store and on social. Make sure you have enough staff to cover the day of the event and that you’ve prepared enough food. If you host a costume contest, prepare rules in advance to ensure safety and to appeal to your target audience. For example, you might want to establish guidelines such as “no weapons” or “no masks” for optimized safety. Establish a fair system for judging and decide on prizes in advance to ensure a fun experience for all.

If you have other businesses in the area you can coordinate on events. You can get together to host a joint trick-or-treat event or haunted shops open house event. The key is to make sure it’s a fun inclusive experience that customers won’t want to miss out on. Once again, you want to put in the work and organization to ensure things run smoothly and leave customers with a positive feeling. The weekend before Halloween is a great time to host something like this, although Halloween itself is a fine choice as well as more and more people turn to alternative methods to celebrate.

The most important thing is to remember to enjoy the season yourself! Enthusiasm and excitement are contagious and everyone enjoys the opportunity to share their excitement over the season. These are our Halloween marketing ideas but we’d love to hear yours! Tweet us and share your own ideas for celebrating Halloween at your business.