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Great Social Media Habits are Essential

Whether you are at the beginning of your social media journey or have been working at this for awhile, great social media habits are important for creating and maintaining a healthy social media presence. Here are five habits we think are important for every person using social media for business.
Learn Something New Everyday

Learn Something New Everyday

More than just a snappy cliche, it’s actually very important for those using social media to always be learning. Social media best practices are constantly changing. The dimensions and exterior appearances of social sites change regularly, and the algorithms are constantly being updated and adjusted as social platforms aim to please their customers and advertisers. There is always more to learn. Not keeping up with the trends and failing to change your habits is one of the worst things you can do. By learning something new everyday, you are positioning yourself and your company to stay at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape.

Refine Your Skills
Work on Refining Your Skills

Those involved in social media consistently make use of a variety of skills. From designing small images that accompany social posts to learning how to read and understand analytics, social media marketers and users have to wear a variety of hats. The initial learning curve can be so big that oftentimes once a level of mastery is achieved it’s easy to abandon refining learned skills. This is especially the case for small business owners who already have a lot on their plate. Continuously working to improve one’s skills will enhance social media efforts, however, and when bigger changes come down the pipeline from sources over which individuals have no control, such as social media platforms, it won’t seem as overwhelming or insurmountable. Refining your social media skills can be as simple as working to improve social media copy by noticing which accounts you enjoy following and which tweets or Facebook posts inspire a like or click through. As you gather this knowledge, you can work to implement some of their techniques.

Read the Industry News Everyday

Read the Industry News Everyday

Sites such as Social Media Examiner and Social Media Today take deep dives into social media issues. They stay on top of all the latest news and often break down what it means in specific terms for social media users. They offer occasional podcasts and in-depth tutorials all of which are valuable tools. Not everything on these sites will be relevant or helpful to your specific situation, but there is great value in keeping up with the news in the general sphere of social media and tech. What time of day you choose to read them doesn’t matter as much as making a daily practice out of it in order to keep your knowledge base fresh. Reading this news daily will also cut down on how overwhelming the rapid rate of change can seem. So grab a cup of coffee and dig into the excellent work that is being done for you.

Check Your Social Media Sites Everyday

Check Your Social Media Sites Everyday

Hopefully you are using a social media management tool, like Think Creative’s Socialite, that simplifies this for you, but if you are doing all of your social media manually then you need to also be checking your sites every single day. Customers may be trying to get your attention to ask a question or they may be saying something negative about your business. It’s important to keep an eye on where your business is being talked about in order to stay on top of and manage your online reputation. Things can change quickly on social and a platform may update their appearance rendering your profile images obsolete. Or a customer may be asking a question. These things shouldn’t be ignored and could potentially do long term damage to your business. Getting into the habit of checking daily will help you stay on top of whatever issues might pop up.

Engage Everyday

Engage with Others Everyday

Engagement is one of the main benefits of social media and it’s important to take advantage of the ability to engage with your customers! If they are reaching out to you on social media, it becomes easy to simply like their posts or respond to them. Sometimes, though, especially in the beginning you may have to make more of an effort to engage. You can run Twitter searches on topics relevant to your business or look for users in your area. You may be shy at first about engaging, make it easy on yourself and start by liking posts. But don’t be afraid to also comment back especially if you can add value or humor to a situation. As always, it’s essential to remain respectful and make your decisions with good taste. Take care not to like any posts that could end up reflecting poorly on your business as these activities are public. If someone replies back, it’s important to at least acknowledge their effort by liking their post or comment. Everyone likes to be acknowledged on social media for their efforts! It will leave a positive impression for your customers.

Meeting Your Goals

Creating new social media habits can be difficult, but the fact that a lot of these work together will make it easier. There are also a few things that you can do to help you turn your goals into habits. First, it’s important to understand and remind yourself of the benefits of gaining the new habit. Start with goals you know you can achieve such as setting a goal of thirty days for yourself and establishing a set time each day to do each task. This will help keep you on track and focused. Plan small rewards for yourself. Once you achieve a goal, reward yourself. After a few weeks, the novelty of working on a new habit can wear off. Keep going anyway, but anticipate this will happen.

Undoubtedly, you want to do the best job at social media as possible. Establishing these social media habits will help you become better at doing social media, improve your business’s online presence, and improve your own social media skills and understanding as well.

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