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Local SEO Matters

SEO is top of mind for any business looking to make an impact on the internet, but if the majority of your customers come from your immediate area than you are most likely concerned with local SEO. Local SEO can be a bit different than general SEO in some key ways and it is important to understand those so that you can strategize properly.

Have a Great URL for Local SEO

Choose a Great URL

This is one of the foundational and most important things you can do for your business. You want a url that reflects on the name of your company, is relatively simple, and includes your location if possible or relevant. If you are at the very beginning of your local SEO journey, having a great URL is a fantastic place to start and will set you up for achieving local SEO success.

Have an Excellent Website

Have an Excellent Website

Having an excellent website is a tip we offer on many different subjects and there’s a reason: it’s your home and your business’s face to the world. You can put every other technique into play but if your website isn’t clean, attractive, and easy to navigate prospective customers will leave right away anyway. It’s essential to have a great website that will help you land conversions. Optimize your website for mobile and make sure it’s easy for customers to find what they need. Avoid auto playing ads and videos or music. A good way to discover what makes a good website is to spend some time looking at successful websites. What makes them work and what would you do differently? And start to build the foundation for your website. If you already have a website but it’s not very good, you can get ideas this way for a rebuild. While it may seem like a huge initial investment, it will pay off in the long run.

Create Consistent Listings


Before you begin making adjustments, it’s crucial to settle on a consistent name for your business, address, and phone number. Even the smallest of variations can have an impact on your ranking. Decide on the exact name you want to represent your company online so that it appears the same across all listings. When it comes to abbreviations and other issues such as the choice between “street” or “road” you want to make sure that you are consistent. If your information is incorrect or inconsistent it sends mixed signals to the search engines and can affect how your site ranks.

Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Embed a Google Map on Your Contact Page

Along with the standardized way of listing your address and phone number, your contact page should include an embedded google map. This will give some boost to your page and is also helpful to your visitors!

Claim Your Google My Business Listing

When a customer is looking for a local business, they will most likely turn to Google. They can be searching for any number of things from an address or directions to simply finding a business that can perform whatever service they need done. Therefore, claiming your Google My Business listing is paramount. Make sure to fill it out as completely as possible, following the guidelines, and select the appropriate categories for your business. Additionally, Google continues to add more features to Google My Business such as a question and answer section for a business and creating posts for your listing. This makes Google My Business a valuable tool and a priority.

Claim and Update Your Business Listings on Other Sites

There are, however, many more business listing sites on the web. Claiming all of them is important. You need to claim local listings, social media sites, and business listings. This can take a lot of time manually, but is well worth the effort. If it work out to be too time consuming, Think Creative has a tool that will automate much of the process for you. When your business is updated accurately and consistently across sites, it will improve your SEO.

Prioritize Reputation Management

Prioritize Reputation Management

When prospective customers are searching for your site, they are going to come across reviews for your business. Obtaining excellent reviews on Google has the clearest benefit since your Google listing is likely to pop up in searches first. Additionally, the aggregate star rating for your business will show up alongside your address and Google Maps listing. Users can sort search results on Google by rating so having a high rating will help you land near the top of such a search. You don’t need to have a large number of reviews for this to be true as Google will reward stars for as little as one review. The presence of reviews may affect up to 10% of your ranking. Paying attention to the other sites matters as well, though, since those sites have a lot of search engine power themselves and will often dominate the listing results. The aggregate star ratings will appear beneath the site’s name on Google.

Build relationships with Local Sites

While inbound links matter for SEO, local links carry even greater significance in local search. Networking and building good relationships with other local business are great ways to help each other out with establishing links of significance. If relevant or possible, you can also establish relationships with local bloggers or influencers.

Use Social Media and Engage

Use Social Media and Engage

Making the most of your social media accounts is important for driving traffic to your website. While no social media account should be dominated by ads, if you keep a company blog or post articles, videos, or any other kind of content to your website, you’ll want to share that on your social channels. You can also share specials or static information and resources as well. This will help drive traffic to your website. Make sure you include engagement as a part of your social media strategy to increase your chances of success.

SEO is not a quick fix. It takes time and steady effort to see it pay off. Think Creative can provide help with many of these aspects. Contact us today for more information!

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