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Great Reviews Matter

With 90% of customers searching out businesses online, it’s important to make sure that when they do see you, they see great reviews. It may seem easier said than done, but in reality there are some things you can do ensure you get great feedback!

Accurate Business Listings help with great reviews

Have Accurate Business Listings

Customers can’t leave reviews if they can’t find your business so it’s essential that your business is accurately listed across the web. Claim your Yelp page, your Google My Business page, your Facebook page, and any page that is unique to your industry like DealerRater or Zomato. Check all the information on these pages and make sure it’s accurate. Update anything that is out of date. Make sure any photos you add to the pages are recent so that a customer can easily recognize the place. Being able to easily identify the correct place of business is key because people will give up on something that is too difficult or too much hassle. They won’t have the same level of investment that you do in having great reviews for your business, so this is an important first step. If you’d like to make sure your business is accurately listed across many sites, contact Think Creative as we have a great tool for this.

Deliver on Your Promises

You should be able to follow through on any claims that you make on your website or your social media. Offering a special deal? Make sure all your employees know about it so a customer doesn’t have to explain it themselves when they are paying. Do you accept returns? Make sure the process is smooth and uncomplicated. If you promise to find the right size or fit for a customer, have the processes in place in order to do so without scrambling. Be prepared for any customer to want to “cash in” on any of your promises at any time. When you don’t or if you can’t, they may be more motivated to leave a negative review. Sometimes you may not be able to follow through on a promise due to unexpected demand, staff shortage or another scenario. In these cases, make sure to have a system in place for rain checks or special discounts in order to keep the customer from feeling too letdown.
Happy Customers Leave Great Reviews

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Foundational to getting great reviews is providing excellent customer service. You may offer the best food or the most comprehensive services, but if your customers don’t feel cared for while they are with you it won’t matter. Good customer service is one of the things that matters most to consumers and poor customer service is one of the first things to drive them to leave a negative review so make sure this is in order.

Use any negative reviews you have received to educate yourself on areas where your business has failed customers. If the reviewer mentioned an employee by name make sure you follow up and discuss the situation with the employee. Bring up negative reviews at team meetings and discuss the ways your business let down your customers. Evaluate the ways you can change your processes and systems to better meet the needs of your individual customers.

Use positive feedback as well! Make sure all of your employees know about the positive reviews you have received. Make it a goal for the business to receive a certain number of positive reviews. Consider setting goals that can be rewarded when reached. If an employee is mentioned by name thank them for the great work they are doing for your business. Continue to do the things customers have praised you for and consider enhancing anything they especially like. You can also get some great clues and future ideas from the positive things customers say in their reviews. Even a happy customer may be confused by something or unaware of your practices. Respond to the customer to clear up any misunderstandings but also to promote things you realize they may also be interested in but not know about. Follow up by making sure your deals or policies are more clear in the future.

Ask Your Customers for Reviews

Don’t be shy! Ask your customers to leave reviews for your business. Especially when you’ve had a great experience and you’re pretty sure the customer is happy, too. While you shouldn’t bribe them to leave a positive review, you can offer a discount or perk for leaving a review regardless of content. Sometimes this is just the little push that consumers need to go above and beyond. Make it as easy as possible for them to leave a review. Provide them with a handout with the links to all of your review sites. Emphasize the ones you are most interested in. For example, if you only want reviews on Yelp or Google My Business, don’t worry about including links to any other sites. You can also put these direct links on your site for customers who visit after the fact or even share them on social. Customers are often happy to share about places they feel provide great service. When you do receive a great review this way, share it with the world. You’ve earned it.

Customer Service

Respond to Both Positive and Negative Reviews

Respond to the reviews you receive. Sometimes, by contacting customers who leave a negative review, you can resolve the situation. They may take down or edit their review to reflect this. Even if they don’t, it’s good to show other potential consumers that you take their thoughts and complaints seriously. Responding to positive reviews demonstrates that you appreciate the time it takes for someone to leave good feedback. It can increase the loyalty they will feel towards your business. It’s also a chance for you to emphasize any particularly great things they said or let them know about other promotions or services you offer that they might like.

Bad days happen to everyone and so do bad reviews. But if you put these principles into action you will see an increase in the great reviews you get and you will minimize the damage done by the negative ones. Great reviews will help undecided consumers make the choice to visit your place of business. And that’s a great place to be! If you are looking for some help in managing your reviews or updating your business listings contact Think Creative today! We have solutions that make it easy and painless!