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12 Days of Think Creative Marketing Tips

Earlier this December, we hosted the 12 Days of Think Creative Marketing Tips on our social media sites and now we’re ready to recap those tips!
12 Days of Think Creative Marketing Tips

Invest in a Great Website

Your online presence begins with your website. It’s important to have a website that is beautifully designed, loads quickly, mobile friendly, up to date and full of the information your customers are looking for. A great website doesn’t necessarily equal a fancy website. What matters most is that it is easy for your customers to use. Having a great website also means that you’ll have less questions to answer on social media as your customers find what they are looking for easily on your website.

Use Direct Mail

It can be tempting to neglect direct mail in favor of the many digital options available for marketing, but this is a mistake. Direct mail still has an important role to play in your marketing plan. Customers love to receive mail and look forward to opening it. A print marketing plan combined with your digital efforts can enhance your entire marketing plan.

Consistent Business Listings

Your business is listed across many sites on the web, but the appearance of those listings might be inconsistent. Establishing consistent and accurate listings will improve the chances that you are found by customers and your search engine rankings. You can use an automated tool to do this and since they constantly change, this is a recommended method!

Choose the Social Media Platforms that Work Best for Your Business

While you may feel pressured to be on every social media platform it is not necessary. Choose the platforms where the majority of your customers are and work to create a strong presence there and connection with them. This will give you a great return on your social media investment.

Respond to All Online Reviews

When customers leave reviews, they are hoping to catch your attention. They want to know that you have heard them. By responding to reviews, you are creating that connection. This isn’t exclusive to negative reviews. It’s important to respond to all reviews both positive and negative. Read more about the reasons to pay attention to online reviews here.

Use Email Marketing Blasts

If you are looking to reach a large group of prospective customers at one time, email marketing blasts are an effective tool. You can reach all of your prospective customers in one shot.

Embed a Google Map on Your Contact Page

If you are a local business, chances are that you are working to fortify your local SEO efforts. One solid tip for local SEO is to embed a Google Map on your contact page. This also gives any visitors an immediate way to see where you are located.

Practice Social Listening

Customers love to vent and they also love to praise. But they might not always use your social media handles to notify you. In these cases, it’s important to be paying attention to how you’re being talked about. You can enlist a tool or do manual searches for common ways that customers might refer to you on social media. This will give you the opportunity to both address unhappy customers and thank happy customers for the positive things they say about your business.

Use Handwritten Mailers

If you’re looking for a really unique way to reach your customer base through direct mail, consider handwritten mailers. Receiving something with true handwriting prompts an incredible open rate. While this may not be practical for each piece of direct mail that you do, you should consider it for the most important pieces.

Advertise on Social Media

Facebook is probably the go to choice for many marketers, but some of the less traditional sites can yield a great return. Consider advertising on sites like Waze that have a loyal user base and are less crowded than Facebook at present. You can also extend your advertising to sites like Instagram where users are more engaged than they are on Facebook.

Targeted Email Marketing

While you can reach a huge base of prospective customers in one shot with mass blast, there are other options available to you to reach smaller and highly targeted groups of customers. This way, if you have a specific message that won’t appeal to all customers you can reach just the ones you need to.


Beautiful eye-catching design is important across all of your campaigns. It’s important on your website, in your emails, your direct mail, and also social media. Invest in great artwork for your most important endeavors as it reflects on your brand.

That’s it! These twelve marketing tips will serve you well as we head into the New Year. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more tips, information, and inspiration to inspire you in your marketing journey.