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As expected, today marks the day that the almighty Google is releasing Chrome 68! For those that have not heard all of the warnings and need a quick update, let me fill you in.

What is Chrome 68?

Google has given webmasters and publishers 6 months notice of a change that will display all plain HTTP sites as “not secure”. Rather than the small “i” icon for HTTP URLs, Chrome is adding a “Not Secure” label. Below is an example of how it looks before the upgrade to Chrome 68.

Treatment of HTTP before and after the chrome 68 update

What Does it Mean to Have a Site That is Not Secure?

Every website is served up using a standard protocol that’s called HTTP. If you’re curious, HTTP stands for “hypertext transfer protocol”. A secure website will use a security certificate that’s called SSL. When a website is secure, the URL will change to HTTPS.

Basically, the addition of the security protects your computer’s communications so that it’s difficult for anyone else to to gather any information from a visitor. You can imagine how this would be of top concern for anyone doing business on a site.

What to Do If Your Site is Not Secure

We highly suggest that you contact your web host and upgrade the website security, even if you don’t ask for any private information from your visitors. If you have any questions about your website security, or on how to upgrade, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here for you!