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Business evolves. As long as our technology continues to progress, there will always be new and better ways of doing things. Acknowledging this mentally is much easier than taking action. Change always presents a level of intimidation for business owners because it often means taking a leap into something unknown. The untested can be a huge risk when the success of your business is depending on it. It’s necessary for survival, though.

It’s better to be the driver of change than the passive recipient on the end of it. This gives business owners the opportunity to control their own destiny to a greater degree.

At Think Creative, we believe in evolving and changing. We aren’t content to maintain the status quo, because we understand that if we aren’t continually seeking to better ourselves we will get left behind. Especially in our industry! In digital marketing, things change daily. We need to not only keep up with the changes, but anticipate them in advance and contribute to making them so that we aren’t caught desperately trying to catch up as the rest of the industry moves forward.

How do you become a driver of change, though?

Nothing Stays the Same

In order to prepare for change, it must be acknowledged that nothing stays the same. Technology improves at a rapid rate and accepted business practices also change at a steady pace. Just because something works now doesn’t mean it will work forever. One of the best things you can do for your business is to acknowledge this. Processes and practices may be different even a year from now than they are today.

Listen to What the Culture Is Saying

A lot of the improvements and changes that we see are a direct result of what people desire. Pay attention to the things people remark on wishing they could see. The moment someone poses a suggestion for how things could be improved or work out better, you better believe there is someone working to make that happen. If you can sense what people might want next, you’ll be ahead of the curve and won’t be caught by surprise.

Be Open to Evolution

The worst thing you can do is resist change. Remember, it’s not so important what you prefer or what you like, but rather what way the wind seems to be blowing. If you resist change, you’ll find yourself falling behind current trends and working twice as hard to catch up if catching up is possible at all. The future of your business depends on your ability to adapt to changing times.

Proactively Plan for Change

Keeping in mind that things will change no matter if you want them to or not, it makes sense to plan for change. This can mean any number of things including new training for employees, budget adjustments, or upgrading software and systems. While change is inevitable, it is also likely to cost some money. Planning for that is important. When you start realizing a change needs to be made, also sit down and start working on the budget.

Communicate with Staff

Routine is soothing to employees. It offers a sense of security, it’s comfortable because they know how everything works, and makes them feel confident. It’s important to understand that while change is necessary, it is also stressful. The best way to handle this is to communicate clearly and frequently with valued staff. There will be resistance. Just because you are enthusiastic about change doesn’t mean everyone will immediately see the vision. That’s why it’s important to make regular communication a crucial part of any change.

Listen to the concerns employees may have. Don’t belittle any worries or fears that they may have, but instead address the reasons why you think the current course is the best one.

Create a Culture of Change

Continue to support a culture of change in your business by making change a regular thing. The more staff comes to expect that things will be changing, the more easily they will adjust. Even the process of changing things will become smoother and easier for you.

Parting Words

At Think Creative, we strongly believe in the necessity of change. Our own business has been undergoing many changes from products offered, to workflow management, staff, and logo. It’s exciting even if sometimes challenging. The challenge is what we thrive on, though. At a recent company meeting, our president spoke the following words. We leave them with you as motivation to face and address the need for change in the days ahead. You can check out some other motivational speeches we catch on our Facebook page.

JImmy Caudillo, President of Think Creative

“It’s scary to take on new things and new tasks, I get it. But here’s what’s really scary man. What’s really scary is not innovating. What’s really scary is staying stagnant. What’s really scary is watching the world go by and you stay in the exact same place. THAT is scary. That should scare the living death out of you. Because that’s the number one killer of businesses.”