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Have you decided that your company website needs a blog? Great! Having a blog on your company website can help with SEO, attracting new customers, and engendering loyalty among your existing customers. But now that you’ve made the decision to have a blog what will you blog about? We have some great ideas for posts to share with you.

6 Foolproof Ideas for Posts

Reference posts
Reference Posts

Chances are that you have a lot of knowledge in an area that your customers could benefit from. In fact, you probably receive many questions on a regular basis from customers and potential customers. Start noting down what questions you receive and the kind of knowledge you can impart to your customers. You don’t have to give away the secret sauce or anything, but demonstrating your knowledge and expertise on your blog is likely to convince potential customers that you know what you’re talking about. For example, if you’re a veterinarian, you might consider writing posts about common conditions you see among pets, what the possible causes are, and the most important time to make an appointment. When a pet owner has a problem with their cherished pet, they will likely hit google to see what might be going on and this is when they’ll discover you. It’s important to understand that you’re not giving away information for free. By demonstrating your expertise, you’re instilling confidence in prospective clients that you know what you’re doing.

Personality posts

Personality Posts

After you’ve proved your usefulness through reference posts, you may want to inject some personality into your blog in order to show your readers and potential customers why you’re different from the competition. The marketplace can be crowded with skill and talent so consumers’ choice often comes down to the company or business they like. Once again using the veterinarian example, you might post some pictures with your pets or with your patients. You could run a poll on social on the most unusual pet names and share the results in a blog post. If you own a bakery, you might show off some of your most unique or delightful cake designs. It may feel a bit challenging at first to show your personality. But as long as you keep your tone respectful, it will become more and more and natural and it will enable you to connect with your customers on a more personal level.

Testimonial posts

Testimonial Posts

Your product or service has impacted your existing customer base. You may have received testimonials from them at various times. Why not collect some of these into a blog post to help potential customers realize the benefit of what you do? You can also take quotes from positive reviews you may have received on sites like Yelp. Or interview an existing customer. This may not work for everyone, but if you have a business that would benefit from personal recommendations and impassioned testimonials there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider it.

Motivational Posts

Inspirational Posts

We all overcome difficult things during our lives and sharing about them can often be helpful to others. If you have a particularly inspirational story to share, especially if you can tie it into your business and services, than consider writing a post and sharing it with your customers. It will also help to personalize your business. If the thought of getting too personal is uncomfortable to you, consider writing about some of your favorite inspirational quotes and how they have impacted you. Everyone likes to feel uplifted and inspired. People tend to feel generously towards what makes them feel good. Add some pizzazz by making graphics on Canva or another site to illustrate the messages of the quotes.

Photos posts

Photo Posts

People love looking at visuals and it’s often easier to do than reading a wall of text. Additionally, knowing what to expect helps customers take the plunge. The internet gives us a chance to ease anxieties. Take a photo post tour of your facility so that a customer will know exactly where they should go when they arrive. There can frequently be a little bit of uncertainty for anyone when they go someplace new. If you’re a workout facility, you could create photo posts that demonstrate how to use various pieces of equipment. A restaurant could take photos of selected items or favorite specials. Never be afraid to work in a little bit of creativity! The more creative your posts are, the more likely they are to make an impact in a sea of content.

Data Posts

Data Posts

Depending on your business and the kind of reader you are trying to attract, a data post can be a great idea. With a data post, you can take information relevant to your field and present it to your readers. Infographics are a popular way to organize and display the information in a visually stunning manner. You can also use charts and graphs to break the data into specific points as well. Although these posts contain a lot of data, they can end up being visually heavy which is always a win.

Additional tips

Additional Tips

You may get ideas for posts while you’re working or even in meetings. Ideas can come at the most inconvenient times! Find a way that works for you to keep track of them. You can use an app like Evernote where you can both type your ideas, draw them, or dictate them via speech. Or if you prefer an old fashioned method, you can have a special notebook to keep track of all of your ideas.

Similarly, get comfortable taking photos with your smartphone on the go. You never know when something might give some added visual punch to one of your posts or ideas. If you end up not using it in a blog post, you can always use it on Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! If you don’t try different kinds of posts and new things on your blog, you won’t learn what works best for you.
So now that you have some new ideas for posts on your blog, what will you work on first? Share all your ideas with us on Twitter @uthinkcreative1.

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